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"Your total pest solution"

  Pest Control Service. Whether roaches, bedbugs, termites, wasps, ants, mice, or other pests. We can eliminate your pest problems. Guaranteed. We offer hi-tech robotic inspections for areas not humanly accessible. One time or choose one of our service plans. We quickly respond and do the job right the first time and at a reasonable price. All work is guaranteed. Fast turn-around on clearance letters.
 Serving central Arkansas for over 25 years.     

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Pest Control

After 25+ years, Our business is still growing because our customer's pest problems are diminishing. Our fully trained technicians are experts in solving your pest problems quickly and cost-effective. We do it right. 100% guaranteed, or we'll make it right.


Home Repairs

Need some repairs? We can do that too. We are fully licensed and bonded. We specialize in Carpentry, Framing, Drywall, Doors, Windows, Painting, and more. Let us give you an estimate on your next "Dream" project.

Whatever the bug problem you have. We can end it!



 Did you know that a house mouse produces between 40 and 100 droppings daily? In addition, house mice constantly give off micro-droplets of urine as they travel around their territory daily. 



Termites can destroy a home and often go unseen until they are infested. Call us at the first sign. We offer termite treatments, pre-treats, and clearance letters.



Roaches will eat almost anything, including feces containing pathogens. Additionally, as they walk over food and surfaces, they defecate, contaminating those items and spreading pathogens.



Ants can carry bacteria that can cause severe diseases like Salmonella, E. coli, dysentery, and smallpox. Any bacteria an ant comes into contact with, inside or outside, can be transmitted to any food they crawl over.



These pests can live for several months without a blood meal. This means they can linger in furniture, bags, and suitcases for a long time until they are near a human host again. Because of this, bed bugs are not a pest that can be treated with DIY measures.



They sting you, and it hurts. Enough said. 

Residential and Commercial

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